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Best dresses for the bridesmaids

The bridesmaid dresses should complement the bride's gowns if they are to be considered the best bridesmaids. It is important that the bridesmaid's dress is up to par with the bride's own wedding-day looks.

What are the trends of bridesmaid dresses for 2022?

There is a demand for more elaborate gowns that have encrusted glitter, huge shoulder detailing, and decadent bows. For the year 2022, brides are choosing to go big and bold. The color trends for women’s apparel in 2022 are powder blue, ivory, and sage

What should we consider when selecting bridesmaid dresses?

When searching in ladies' clothing shops, It is necessary to consider whether the dresses are appropriate for the prestige of the surrounding environment. Consider the photographs and how the colors will appear.

Best dresses for mothers of the bride and wedding guests

For the ceremony, many mothers prefer something formal but modern. This must then be translated into something usable for the rest of the day. We at ElegaTrend women's apparel shop always have a great selection of colors and can accommodate any special requests.

What are the trends for mothers of the bride in the coming year?

Modern trouser suits are very popular. Longer, softer gowns are a lovely alternative to the more traditional straight styles. People are generally wanting to dress more casually post-pandemic.

What should we consider when selecting a dress for the mothers of the bride?

The mother of the bride must be dressed comfortably and appropriately. Hopefully, this means she'll wear the costume again, which is essential for long-term sustainability.

Best dresses for brides

For the bride, the simpler the dress, the more elegant it is.

What are the trends of bride dresses for 2022?

Combine simplicity and luxury, take classic dresses and upgrade them. You could, for example, enlarge the skirt to make it more voluminous, and then pair it with an overlay of delicate lace and loose guipure. It is about adding a subtle touch of embellishment to the embroidery using haute couture techniques.

What should we consider when selecting a dress for the bride?

Define your criteria first and then start the search process. Try to select a dress that combines simplicity and luxury at the same time. You can also take a look at our collection of wedding dresses here.

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